How to compile and execute your program? If your source code files need to be placed 
into subfolders in order to use the makefile, explain how the files should be organized.

    Use "make" to compile the program. Use "./bin/c4" to run the connect4 game.

Identify the sections of your code that implement the Minimax algorithm and Alpha-Beta 
Pruning algorithm respectively.

    The Minimax with Alpha-Beta pruning is implemented in the MinimaxPlayer class. When 
    it is requested to make a move it will run Minimax up to 6 moves to find the optimal

Explain how your Evaluation function is designed and why.

    The evaluation is implemented by calculating both players scores, that is the highest
    number of pieces in a row * 25. If a player has a score of 100 that is prioritized. 
    Otherwise a player's evaluuation is the Player1's score - Player2's score. This is done
    to prioritize game states where a player wins and maximizing the number of pieces in a row.

Any known bugs;

Any comment you would like the marker to know.